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(19:01) Causeway Bay , so many food and so peaceful

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Protesters block the main street to the financial Central district, outside the government headquarters, in Hong Kong, September 29, 2014. The banners read, “I want a real general election” (C) and “Embracing freedom in the storm” (R). 
REUTERS/Carlos Barria
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The Umbrella Revolution: Why Hong Kong is so special. »


Protesters in Hong Kong have really come together in some truly amazing ways.

  • Protesters have been picking up trash, cleaning the streets, and even sorting recycling so as to not leave a mess.
  • There has been only one incident of vandalism that I am aware of, and…
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"We think that if we don’t strike and fight for what we want, we won’t get anything. The most immediate thing we hope is for CY Leung to step down. But eventually we want real universal suffrage. We don’t want to just vote for someone nominated by the Chinese government."
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A private car drove into the crowd in Mong Kok last night claiming he had to find a friend and the protesters have to dodge immediately.

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That atmosphere in the protest has changed a bit , it becomes happier and more like a celebratjon, which is not bad .Please stay alert you dont know when the polices will come again and takw action and please observe if theres any ppl try to be violent and stop them immediately to prevent the police to use it as an excuse to stop the OC movement .

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History , more peoples show up fight for the right #hongkong

This is beautiful.
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#umbrellarevolution #occupyhongkong #occupymongkok #mongkok #freedom  (at 旺角, 香港 - Mongkok, Hongkong)
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#hongkong #hongkonger #theotherhongkong #umbrellarevolution #926
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China tries to conquer Hong Kong into a dictator system. Citizens of Hong Kong refuses and ask for democracy. China then decided the best way to reply to their protest is to brutal attacks, electrocute gun, tear gas grenade, pepper spray them to the unarmed citizens regardless if they are seven or seventy!
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The move is still on, and more and more people are coming to join. We are not alone, the city is not dying!
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